{THE AND} Parenthood Digital Bundle
{THE AND} Parenthood Digital Bundle
{THE AND} Parenthood Digital Bundle
{THE AND} Parenthood Digital Bundle

{THE AND} Parenthood Digital Bundle

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Explore all three of our new parenting and parenthood focused digital editions of {THE AND}  and dive deep into relationships with our moms and dads or mother/father figures as well as the concepts of motherhood and fatherhood.

This bundle includes the Moms & Dads Edition, On Motherhood Edition, and On Fatherhood Edition.  We invite you to celebrate, cherish and deepen the connection with your parents and to truly explore the concepts of parenthood to learn more about yourself and your parents.

Whether you are a parent, you're supporting parents, or you just want to gain a deeper understanding and empathy in regards to parents and mother/fatherhood while exploring what they means in your life and in your relationships, these questions and prompts will help you deeply explore the topic of fatherhood.


  • Learn about motherhood & fatherhood as concepts, ideas, and parts of the human experience
  • Helps create an honest understanding and deeper empathy
  • No internet connection required to use after downloading
  • Perfect for parents, expectant parents, or anyone exploring parenting.
  • Learn about your parents and your shared connection and experiences 
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to connect with their parents or parental figure
  • Perfect gift for any parent or for your children 

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Real Questions. Real conversations.

199 Questions

Discover real conversations and deeper connections than ever before. Each unique edition of {THE AND} includes 199 questions based on thousands of real conversations filmed around the world - something no other game has!


With thousands of videos and clips seen millions of times, not only can you watch {THE AND}, you can experience it for yourself! Just like the wildly popular videos, you too can have amazing conversations and experiences with {THE AND} card games.