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More Than a Game - [THE AND} is An Experience

-199 cards with thought-provoking questions per deck
-5 customisable question cards
-Countless hours of fun meaningful conversations with your friends / family / partners
- Ideal for a gift
- Editions spanning a multitude of relationships
- Mobile app and digital toolkits to play worldwide

The {THE AND} creates a little more space for more openness, honesty and vulnerability - without judgement. If you want to start asking bigger questions and get to know someone behind the surface, this game is for you.

We invite you to dive in and explore {THE AND}

What People Are Saying About {THE AND}

"The questions are DEEP and THOUGHTFUL and the answers that come with them are meaningful if you play with honest people. I seriously LOVE THIS GAME."

-Shainah X.

"These cards are A CATALYST FOR DEEP, MEANINGFUL CONNECTION. No matter how long you've been with your partner, you will undoubtedly be surprised by some of their answers."

- E.M.

"The cards helped ME AND MY MOM understand each other. Now we can really BE OPEN with each other and FORGIVE the things that happened in THE PAST."

- Cianne

Explore Your Relationships

With decks for nearly every relationship in your life

Friends Edition

These questions have been designed for friends, old and new, as an easy and fun way to spark up conversations that you wouldn’t have otherwise - you supply the company, {THE AND} will supply the conversation.

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Dating Edition

From “hello” to “I love you”, these questions are designed for budding relationships. In an increasingly digital dating game, they will help you uncover a deeper understanding of the person you’re dating IRL. 

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Family Edition

For families of all shapes and sizes, these questions are designed to get you connecting and understanding your relatives on an entirely new level.

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