{THE AND} Platonic to Romantic Bundle
{THE AND} Platonic to Romantic Bundle
{THE AND} Platonic to Romantic Bundle
{THE AND} Platonic to Romantic Bundle
{THE AND} Platonic to Romantic Bundle

{THE AND} Platonic to Romantic Bundle

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Are you and your friend ready to take things to the next level? Whether you're in the early stages of dating or you're just starting to explore the possibility of something more, this is the perfect card game bundle to help you navigate this exciting new chapter in your relationship.

This bundle includes two of our most popular card games, {THE AND} Friends Edition and {THE AND} Dating Edition. These question-based card games are specifically designed to help you and your partner build deeper connections, spark meaningful conversations, and get to know each other on a whole new level.

With {THE AND} Friends Edition, you'll explore the unique dynamics of your friendship and begin to uncover new layers to your relationship. And with {THE AND} Dating Edition, you'll dive deeper into topics such as intimacy, vulnerability, and what you're looking for in a romantic partner.

Together, these two games provide the perfect foundation for moving from friends to dating. You'll gain a better understanding of each other's hopes, dreams, and fears, and build a strong foundation for a long and fulfilling relationship.

So if you're ready to take your friendship to the next level and explore the possibilities of romance, don't hesitate to grab our new {THE AND} Platonic to Romantic bundle today. It's the perfect way to deepen your connection and build a strong foundation for a happy and fulfilling relationship!


  • 398 unique and meaningful questions - more than nearly any similar game
  • A meaningful way to move your relationship from friends to dating
  • Specifically crafted to build stronger connections and deeper conversations
  • Based on our Emmy-Award winning documentary and viral videos


  • {THE AND} Dating Edition
  • {THE AND} Friends Edition
Real Questions. Real conversations.

199 Questions

Discover real conversations and deeper connections than ever before. Each unique edition of {THE AND} includes 199 questions based on thousands of real conversations filmed around the world - something no other game has!


With thousands of videos and clips seen millions of times, not only can you watch {THE AND}, you can experience it for yourself! Just like the wildly popular videos, you too can have amazing conversations and experiences with {THE AND} card games.